Logo design is the most important stage in the creation of corporate identity. Logo is a fundamental part of any branding projects and it’s quality directly affects the future brand development. Logo it’s a core part of any corporate identity of a company or a brand. We truly believe that a logo design process is a very important to establish a proper consumer loyalty level as every company has a logo designed…few of them are designed well. We’ll make your stand out!

Features of a high quality logo :

1. Logo Concept

Logo design process for future usage and trademarking begins with the creation of a concept – the general idea, which is closely related to the positioning of the brand on market, reflects its strengths and character, unique selling propositions and philosophy.

2. Uniqueness

High-quality logo design process is based on a combination of unique style elements – graphics, colors, fonts and icons which leads to brand awareness and rapid identification of its characteristics, services and/or products offered.

3. Consistency

During logo design and corporate identity creation, it’s the most important to keep an aspect of a clear structure, which includes the constant branding elements – logo, colors, fonts, and minor elements – patterns, illustration, layout.

4. Logo Adaptability

Design of corporate identity as well as logo design should be easy to adapt to various media, whether it is a business card, billboard or any digital application. The system of brand identity must be prescribed by it’s rules to adapt any branding element that will allow it to evolve and grow without losing it’s recognition.



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